Manuscript submissions are now open!

We are looking for a range of manuscripts from writers residing in the United Kingdom. We will accept fiction and non-fiction manuscripts up to 100,000 words, short story collections up to 50,000 words, and poetry manuscripts up to 5,000 words. The material may be on any genre, but should ideally focus on themes of liberty and freedom instilling a sense of being, truth and justice in the reader. Work that challenges the orthodoxy, explores niche concepts or steps outside the box will be regarded positively by our reviewers.

Our unique business model ensures the creator plays a vital role in the publishing process. If your submission is accepted, you will work closely with our team to bring your book to life. You can then choose what you need from our range of services, whether it be editing your manuscript to creating cover art, commissioning illustrations to organising a book launch. When it’s ready, we will use our network to generate publicity and market your book, but we will also supply you with the materials you need to promote your work independently; a win-win formula. With Blacklist Press Ltd, you have the potential to reap what you sow – and more!

If you would like to make a submission, please use the above file to send the first ten pages of your manuscript to with the subject line reading ‘Manuscript Submission’.

Remember to replace the header text with your name and book title and replace the footer text with the page numbers that correlate to the text in your full manuscript.

We endeavour to reply to all submissions within fourteen days. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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