Join our community of writers willing to share their hints and tips in our regular webinar sessions. Whether it be overcoming writer’s block or reviewing work, we’re on hand to help you out.

Our next creative writing webinar will take place on 30 January 2022. A time and link to access the event shall be posted here soon.

This free creative writing webinar will aim to help you develop engaging books and articles with pro-liberty independent book publisher Blacklist Press. Join Blacklist’s Company Director, Christopher J. Wilkinson, for an online session sharing hints and tips to refine your writing techniques and develop your communication skills.

Creative Writing Webinar #1 (31 January 2021)

The first Blacklist Press creative writing webinar took place via Zoom on 31 January 2021. This session covered advice on:

  • Producing effective social media posts for communicating political messages
  • Writing clear and concise copy for local election leaflets
  • Using Harvard referencing for academic-style journal article
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