Blacklist Press signed to produce new series of The Libertarian Listener

Blacklist Press has agreed to produce a new series of a UK political podcast, The Libertarian Listener. Started by Christopher Wilkinson in March 2020, each edition features the host with a guest reviewing the week’s news stories and current affairs with topical pro-liberty discussion. The aim of the podcast is to challenge the orthodox state-centricContinue reading “Blacklist Press signed to produce new series of The Libertarian Listener”

Submissions for the first Free Speech journal now open

Entries for the first edition of the Free Speech journal are now being accepted. To enter, please head to the submissions page for contact details and full terms and conditions. The Free Speech journal is a quarterly publication of political, social and economic thought from Britain’s pioneering free thinkers. Advocating classical liberal and libertarian perspectives, Free Speech aims toContinue reading “Submissions for the first Free Speech journal now open”

Blacklist Press Creative Writing Webinar (31-01-21)

The first Blacklist Press creative writing webinar on Zoom will take place on 31 January 2021 between 7 and 10pm. Tickets are now now live at Be sure to obtain a ticket or else you will not be admitted entry. This free creative writing webinar will aim to help you develop engaging political, economicContinue reading “Blacklist Press Creative Writing Webinar (31-01-21)”

Welcome to Blacklist Press

We live in dangerous times. Our freedom is being restricted. Our natural liberty is under threat. Mainstream media and corporate government are hell bent on silencing and suppressing alternative voices from the libertarian and classically liberal minded among us. We must be free to speak our minds and have our voices heard. We forever hearContinue reading “Welcome to Blacklist Press”

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