Free Speech (26 September 2022)

Blacklist Press today releases the landmark twenty-fifth edition of Free Speech which you can view here in PDF format. Be sure to share far and wide – we’re already reaching hundreds of readers each week and are growing each day, so it really does make a difference. If you missed the previous edition, you can view it here.

In this edition, Mike Swadling looks at the history of ice ages and warming periods, global temperature changes, and the claims of doom-mongers predicting climate change catastrophe despite a lack of evidence or proof, citing how human progress has been assisted by the use of fossil fuels and their use in creating wealth and sustenance around the world. Christopher J. Wilkinson examines Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget and prospects for both tax and spending cuts before scorning a biased and economically illiterate media’s criticism of libertarian fiscal policies, portraying the current economic situation as being incomparable to historical parallels. Zachary Stiling reflects on the concept of beauty, arguing in favour of its objectivity and criticising local councils for characterless and depressing infrastructure and buildings.

The Free Speech bulletin is a regular electronic publication of political, social, economic and cultural thought from Britain’s pioneering free thinkers. With a focus on politics beyond the propaganda, Free Speech aims to give a voice to smaller pro-liberty political parties, organisations and individuals whose ideas and perspectives have been silenced by the mainstream. Packed with concise yet informative articles, Free Speech intends to challenge corporate media by presenting accurate and truthful accounts of current affairs that empower individuals to value liberty.

If you’d like to write for Free Speech, submit your article on our submissions page.


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