Our Queen

Blacklist Press sends deepest sympathies to the Royal Family on the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at ninety-six years of age.

Today has been a black day for Britain as the light of the Queen leaves us for the final time. As we commiserate with the Royal Family on the death of the Queen, we should also celebrate a remarkable life dedicated to the spirit of public service.

Performing her duties until the very end, the Queen’s service has provided a true model for us all to follow in our own lives. With her vastness of wisdom and exposure to all the cultures and creeds of the world, she has inspired so many lives in so many ways.

Though many of those she has touched with her presence will forever remain nameless, her personal qualities of tolerance and respect commanded support the world over. By modernising the monarchy, she brought old values into a new age.

Now the closing chapters of the Queen’s life have been written, it is time to reflect with pride and admiration on an historic reign both as a country and as a Commonwealth.

Holding the throne for seventy years, an assured symbol of stability and tradition, the legacy she has forged shall in time be appreciated and treasured.

Now, King Charles III has finally met his day of destiny. May his reign be a new light for new times, true to the footsteps of his mother whose memory will endure.

Elizabeth II was our Queen.


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