Climate Change And Energy

Written by James Goad

It would be a mistake to attribute the defective energy policies across the West in recent decades to mere incompetence. The common denominators indicate a guiding hand. The ‘sustainable’ policies being implemented across the West are the direct consequence of United Nations Agenda 2030, transmuted into national legislation in almost every developed nation. Borne out of a Rio summit in 1992, the drive for fake ‘renewables’ aided the transference of wealth from poor to rich whilst making the energy supply unreliable and expensive. One example of such idiocy is former communist apparatchik Angela Merkel taking Germany’s nuclear power stations offline after Fukushima. It’s almost like she was waiting for the excuse.

We are reaping the ultimate reward for electing stooges who implement policy on the behalf of a class of oligarchs who are engineering chaos to swoop in and claim assets at pennies on the pound when it all goes to shit. At least the stooges are now being openly superseded by the new global governance to local control model, and the public-private partnerships pushed by the World Economic Forum .

The solution to our forthcoming energy woes from the Westminster puppets? Use less energy. A real stroke of political genius, that. Nothing underlines the power and influence of the political class than the apparent impotence of such a statement. But it’s not a helpless, reactive response. It’s also someone obeying orders. It should wake up the most unconscious of us to see where the real power lies, and it’s not in Westminster. The changes we’re experiencing are baked-in-the-cake, as borne out in the WEF’s own propaganda, and in the work of those like Bill Cooper who identified early on what the globalists are up to.

The Grand Goblin of the ‘climate change’ movement Greta Thunberg has recently been exposed as a member of the Rothschild dynasty. This should come as only a minor surprise, given the propensity for the ruling class to be inter-related to varying degrees. Mark Devlin’s ‘Musical Truth’ explains how many of the leading popular musicians of the late 20th century and leading figures in the political class were and are inter-related, however distantly. There are some remarkable examples of the familial connections of high-profile figures. One can understand the approach. If there’s a message to be spread, it’s safer in the hands of someone in the family. It might not have escaped attention either that WEF Bond villain Klaus Schwab (who only lacks a white cat) is also a Rothschild. It seems if you are anyone these days with a public profile as presented by the controlled media, you will in some way be a part of a dynastic family or its minion classes.

The route to a real energy policy lies in overcoming huge obstacles: the toxic Deep State (however you define it), the brainwashed green death cult, the parasite class in Whitehall and Westminster, and the censorious Big Tech doom-peddlers. Answers on a postcard, please.

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Published by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Company Director of Blacklist Press Ltd.

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