Who Is Next?

Written by Stephen McNamara

Charlie Gard. Alfie Evans. Midrar Namiq. Pippa Knight. Alta Fixler.

Archie Battersbee.

Who is next?

Whose child is going to die next after the monopoly that is the state-run NHS decides that they don’t want to try and save a child’s life anymore? Look, I get it. You’re a medical professional. You’ve worked in your field for years and have had your fair share of successes and failures over the years. I get it. I really do. But what if this is the time you’re wrong? What if a more comfortable existence can be provided by someone else?

This is where the problem lies though. You’ve been brought up in the NHS. You’ve been essentially brainwashed to think that the NHS is the best healthcare service and that it’s the envy of the world. It’s not. You’ve been lied to. Your “job” is to do the best that you can do for a sick or dying child, but you’re NOT the best professional in your field. When you have reached the end of your competency you have to set your ego aside and let the parents do everything they can for THEIR child. They may not be medical professionals themselves, but they sure as hell want to find the best treatment available, but in what egotistical maniac world do you think you really are the best person?

Step aside and let those willing to provide the care needed do everything they can do to save the child’s life.

If you have reached the end of your skill level. If you are unable to find the funding to continue the treatment. If you have any sense of moral decency, you will step aside. Just move out of the parent’s way. The parents and family of a child dying are going through enough. They need to find a way to prepare themselves for what you think is going to be inevitable. Those parents will need to know they’ve done everything possible so that they can come to some closure should the child eventually die. It’s a basic human need to fight to survive. What they do not need is fighting with you too in court.

So let me ask again. Who is next? Will you, sitting reading this, be willing to stand up to the state murder of sick children? Someone will be next. Will it be your child next?

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