No Chance Of Change

Written by James Goad

If there is one certainty from the forthcoming Conservative Party leadership election contest, it’s that the winner will not represent the people of this country and ultimately not even the Tory membership who elect them. They will represent the globalist ambitions of a small clique of self-interested billionaires and their dependent corporations. The deck is stacked, and the ultimate party leader from the frontrunners is already fully bought and paid for.

This should come as no surprise to anyone, nor should the concerted pressure developed and maintained by the media (in the open) and state forces (behind the scenes) that have successfully disposed of Alexander Johnson as incumbent of Number Ten Downing Street. Being a casual observer of events over the past year the pressure exerted on the Johnson regime seems to have been gradually built up to this end, at this time. Nothing much happens spontaneously in the political theatre world, and this event is no different.

The leadership contest is, under these circumstances, more of a depressing spectacle than an eagerly anticipated outcome. I can’t bring myself to watch the debates on catch-up online but watch snippets here and there. The bad acting is intolerable. From a little information gleaned from clips and feedback from trusted commentators, Kemi Badenoch seems the most conservative. She won’t win, but on the face of it seems the less corrupted by the globalists than the others. One can hope that her spirited efforts will meet a reward once the puppet is installed, and that a cabinet seat awaits her. What will be the ultimate outcome of all this? Nothing.

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