Free Speech (18 July 2022)

Ejection Time

Today Blacklist Press releases our landmark twentieth edition of Free Speech which you can view here in PDF format. Be sure to share far and wide – we’re already reaching hundreds of readers each week and are growing each day, so it really does make a difference. If you missed last week’s edition, you can view it here.

In this edition, Stephen McNamara comments on the end of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, the Conservative Party leadership election to follow, offering a critique of the leadership election process and the departure timetable, examines voting systems for leadership ballots including Single Transferable Vote, and compares party management with other political parties. James Goad predicts the next Tory leader will follow the same globalist course of their predecessor and hints at voter apathy regarding the election result. Mike Swadling recalls the rise of Boris Johnson as London Mayor, noting his personal qualities and communication abilities during the EU referendum campaign, and commenting on his legacy regarding his handling of lockdowns and the Brexit process, while finishing with a list of prerequisites for the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

The Free Speech bulletin is a weekly electronic publication of political, social, economic and cultural thought from Britain’s pioneering free thinkers. With a focus on politics beyond the propaganda, Free Speech aims to give a voice to smaller pro-liberty political parties, organisations and individuals whose ideas and perspectives have been silenced by the mainstream. Packed with concise yet informative articles, Free Speech intends to challenge corporate media by presenting accurate and truthful accounts of current affairs that empower individuals to value liberty.

If you’d like to write for Free Speech, submit your article on our submissions page.


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