Suffering The Consequences

Written by Stephen McNamara

I think it is more than fair to say that so many governments around the world have screwed up their responses to the 2019 variant of a coronavirus. So bad in fact that they have damaged the human population far more than the viruses ever could. There was a phrase making the rounds in the first half of 2020: “Some of you may suffer – we’ll make sure everyone does.” – Government (paraphrased). Yet, for some very odd reason, when an election came round, the restrictions were conveniently lifted, and victory chants started only for the same governments to be re-elected and the restrictions imposed yet again. When the polls showed the different government’s popularity falling drastically, they opted for a new phrase: “Learn to live with it.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news to everyone who copied this chant but, believe it or not, the human population was already living with viruses before the government came to “save” us! The only lesson here was that we should never trust any government ever. Period.

I was asked to write this piece about the continued effect that these restrictions and regulation changes have had over the last couple of years, so I have a few stories from businesses and self-employed people who were affected. The first is of a self-employed van man. He was quite excited when he was given a £10,000 grant from the taxes taken by the government. He was so excited that he immediately went out and bought a brand-new Rolex watch and took a three-week holiday, sitting at home with all the time in the world and nothing to do. He posted regularly to social media and was very critical of those who dared to warn him about the risk of hyper-inflation that the government policy of handing out all this cash to so many people would have. One of his largest day-to-day expenses is diesel fuel – and we all know how hyper-inflation is affecting drivers now…

The next small business sold music to pubs and nightclubs. The pubs and nightclubs were forced to close, with very little cash spared to help those owners pay their ongoing expenses. Overnight, nearly eighty per cent of this small business’ customers went to the wall. Gone. Permanently. Eventually, when the surviving pubs were permitted to reopen, they were banned from playing any kind of music for over a year. The small business selling music services was left with zero customers, hundreds of thousands of pounds of contracts which turned into debt and the owners have spent the last two years desperately restructuring their business model to sell to customers not linked to the pub trade whilst simultaneously trying to negotiate and pay off the contractors and licence fees. Even today, they are still struggling to survive but are starting to see the stage lights at the end of the backstage corridor.

The third story comes from a self-employed burger van owner. He told of choosing to close as he was worried about his and his family’s health, especially as a couple of the family members had existing health concerns and they felt the need to shield. The tiny grants being offered were liable to full tax as if it was one hundred per cent profit, yet, as the family also qualified for Universal Credit, they would be offset by the grant, meaning that the family would ultimately be roughly £200 worse off for taking the grant than if they didn’t! Far too many people were in this type of situation and took the cash on offer without checking the small print and are now finding out the hard way.

These government policies have done far more harm than they ever could have helped anyone. We are now, as predicted, all suffering the consequences.

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Published by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Company Director of Blacklist Press Ltd.

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