Normality Is No More

Written by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Will we ever ‘get back to normal’? Do all deaths have to cease? Must all cases be eliminated? How many people must die from untreated cancer, heart disease, or suicide before people trade fear for sense? How many jobs must be lost? How many businesses must be ruined? How bad must our mental health get trapped inside this prison of the state’s making? How many friends or relatives must we avoid contact with? How many scars from an abusive partner will be sufficient to reduce transmission?

Devotees to lockdowns, social distancing and face masks are now individuals so detached from reality they have no memory of life before March 2020. Before COVID, we still had illnesses, deaths, propaganda, and corrupt authoritarian governments. Two years ago, libertarians embarked on a great awakening while many others sleepwalked into oblivion. COVID has become a term used to justify the policies of authoritarian tyranny imposed upon us by illiberal, undemocratic states on a global scale, not the name of a virus – real or fictitious. Normality is no more. Liberty has become an unwanted mental construct hampering an identity-destroying ‘common good’, not an inalienable natural right requiring defence. They walk among us in silence, and we don’t know who they are. I fear these people.

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