Hive Mind Mentality

Written by Jason Salvesen

As glad as I am that the COVID hysteria has come to a rather abrupt end, we have seamlessly been plunged into yet another all-consuming crisis – the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Everywhere you look is blue and yellow in support of Ukraine. Rightly so, I strongly oppose aggression by any country, and I certainly don’t support what Putin is doing in any way. This war is extremely complicated. I’ll leave it to others to explore the nuances and details.

What I’m equally concerned about, however, is our (the West) reaction to it. Almost overnight, COVID is over and a new narrative has been constructed by our government and media. Everyone MUST support Ukraine, and everyone MUST hate Russia. No questions asked! The propaganda machine has had a good servicing and been fired right up again, and instantly the hive mind has kicked back in.

Anything Russian must be purged! Russian vodka disposed of, Russian cats banned from competitions, Russian restaurants vandalised, Russian students removed from American universities, Russian teams removed from FIFA video games, even a US senator calling for the assassination of Vladimir Putin. None of which would help this conflict with Russia in the slightest; on the contrary. Anyone who deviates from the narrative is vilified and opposing views censored. I’m sure for many, the parallels with the COVID hysteria will be stark. I do wonder if China happens to invade Taiwan, if we in the West would summarily boycott and cut off ties with all things Chinese?

Mattias Desmet has been speaking out about peoples irrational behaviour during the COVID panic and calls the phenomena “mass formation”. It seems, combined with this natural phenomena, that government has figured out that by the use of behavioural science, targeted messaging, media and social media propaganda, it now has the power to put the majority of people under some kind of spell and can manufacture consent for any policy it wants to push. This should worry us all.

War always benefits the rich and powerful. It seems the very same rich and powerful individuals and entities that stoked fear and panic over COVID are doing the same thing with the Ukraine conflict. It seems the pharmaceutical-industrial-complex has had their turn at the feeding trough, and they will now be making way for their friends at the military-industrial-complex. Who says there is no honour among thieves?

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