Cycle Of Dependency

Written by Stephen McNamara

When politicians argue, it’s always the people governed by them that suffer the consequences, on all sides. Why does this happen?

We wake up each day finding ourselves in a world where the population blindly assumes a government has control over their and our lives. It is this blindness to their assumed authority where the problems start in a cycle of dependency. Like all commonly known cycles of dependency, such as drug and alcohol addictions, domestic abuse, and bad personal habits, each have their own destructive consequences. Dependence upon a government’s central control is destructive in that the consequences of its actions and inactions are suffered by those it has control over.

Today, I heard a story about some Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine. They apparently told their captors that they were told that they were only heading to a planned exercise. If true, then their trust in their government, and their assumption of its control over their lives, has led to their current suffering, as well as the suffering of millions of their neighbours. I also heard stories of how the Ukrainian government passed laws banning certain people from leaving the country, essentially abandoning them to die at the hands of their neighbours. This cannot continue.

What can we do to break this cycle of dependency and violence though?

It starts with each one of us. As individuals we can demonstrate the power that freedom and liberty has so that our family, friends, neighbours, and other associates can see for themselves the difference that a libertarian lifestyle leads to. Make choices that suit our personal situation that also actively point out the flaws in a statist’s viewpoint. Not only do we point out what is wrong with it, but we also demonstrate the opposite truth. We can also seek out each other so that we can gain strength and courage in each other’s success and help each other overcome our weaknesses.

I fear that one day soon, our own Ukraine moment will happen, and our sons and grandsons will be abandoned to suffer the consequences of our own government’s decisions. Let us stand now and stop that from happening.

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Published by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Company Director of Blacklist Press Ltd.

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