State Terror

Written by James Goad

Few amongst the audience would question the notion that for the past two years citizens of the United Kingdom have been oppressed by the state. The oppression has taken the form of psychological (or asymmetrical) warfare backed up by the threat of force. State agencies and a propagandised, compliant public have been all too keen to exert pressure on those who don’t conform. This can arguably be summarised as state terror.

It would be wrong to look at this terrorism as something new. There are many provable instances where citizens of these isles have been manipulated by acts of terror either on its own citizens or a high-profile individual for a political objective. Whilst the methods employed have varied, the ultimate objective has always been broadly aligned; the removal of inalienable rights under ‘emergency’ legislation or regulatory measures. I’ll grab a handful of examples, which will not come close to covering the many instances of state terror.

In 1952, a storm ripped through the town of Lynmouth killing thirty-five people. Until recently I laughed at the notion of ‘chem trails’ (chemicals sown into the atmosphere at altitude to achieve various weather-related or public health outcomes). However, when a freak weather condition suddenly hits a town in this manner in a region where the RAF were releasing chemicals as part of weather-formation experiments, and the state covers it up, it leaves a question mark.

Wind the clock forward thirty-five years to 1987: Michael Ryan kills sixteen people with a semi-automatic weapon, including his mother. After holing up in a school, Ryan expressed concern to a policeman about the fate of his mother, allegedly claiming surprise at his mother’s death. Odd, given he’d shot her shortly before. Gaps in memory are consistent with people subject to hypnosis. Similarly, Sirhan Sirhan cannot remember anything about the incident in the Ambassador Hotel in June 1968. A certain consistency emerging here. The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 was passed in the wake of the events in Hungerford. Problem, reaction, solution.

On July 7, 2005, four explosions occurred in London: three on Tube trains and one on a bus. The state narrative crumbled on inspection. The flaws in the state narrative were many, and these were borne out in a video documentary and a book, which break down the events in detail. There is no evidence that the ‘bombers’ were even on the transport. The explosions took part at the very same time as a live exercise where bombs went off on the exact same Tube trains as they went off on the day. An echo perhaps of the large-scale military exercises co-incidentally happening on 9/11. The producer of the documentary was later sent to prison after offering his documentary as evidence to the judge at the trial of several alleged co-conspirators.

Exit from Brexit’ is a documentary film produced by Richard Hall of It covers the events surrounding the alleged assassination of Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox in 2016, a few days prior to the referendum on the European Union. It is astonishing how just one person looking into the details of the affair can wipe the floor with the official story. This was a staged ‘terror incident’ designed to achieve a political purpose, rather than terrorise the general public into submission.

An act of fake terror was played out in Manchester on May 22, 2017, at an Ariana Grande concert. The alleged bombing left twenty-two concertgoers dead, plus the alleged Islamist perpetrator. Richard Hall of has again deconstructed the event and pulled apart the official story. On the face of it, this echoed the shenanigans at the Boston marathon four years earlier. In addition to the use of pyrotechnics and ‘crisis actors’, the event was characterised by the supine media regurgitating approved lines.

The parent of these events was doubtless the continental hijinks of Operation Gladio, a NATO organisation comprising state actors committing outrages against the inhabitants of Cold War western Europe. First implemented in Italy to try and generate a backlash against a national power share with communists, it specialised in civilian train bombings. Years later, Madrid.

The current tyranny should be seen in this context. There are few lengths state institutions and supra-national globalist organisations will not go to achieve a desired objective. Can we draw the conclusion that we have been in a prison all our lives, and it’s only now that state actors are taking away the pieces of stage theatre that have hidden the brick walls?

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