Liberty Becomes The Enemy

Written by Christopher J. Wilkinson

When liberty becomes the enemy of the state, you have a serious problem. Canada has a serious problem. The Trudeau formula seems to be that if you have an unhealthily large ego and can’t get what you want done in politics through democratic and peaceful means, debauch the law and use the classic combination of media manipulation and state overreach to force your will into reality while censoring opposing voices and denouncing good in anti-human propagandistic messages.

The global influence of the Freedom Convoy cannot be understated or underestimated. As participants in the M5 equivalent have identified, the impetus has been to protest the state-induced erosion of freedom, choice, and rights in the face of governments hell bent on practicing and preaching oppression. Vaccination mandates are wrong. No state should hold such supremacy over the citizenry of any country. Vaccination is a personal choice. The truckers have every right to refuse.

The state has been at the very heart of the instability. The people, at large and by contrast, have comparatively been a rock of constancy. The more tyrannical the state’s actions become, the more observers can conclude their motivation is not to stop a virus but to control human behaviour. The empty ‘pandemic’ narrative may still be the scapegoat, but the mask is slipping further with every passing day. The British government, let alone Canada’s, has in recent months threatened job losses for those who refuse vaccination. Hundreds of individuals have been arrested by Ottowa Police. Thousands of individuals have been fined by Ottowa Police. The actions taken by the Trudeau regime run against natural rights; our inalienable objective rights as human beings existing beyond the subjectivity of law.

Spectators outraged by Trudeau’s actions can take comfort in the likelihood of a successful legal challenge since the Emergencies Act is subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights. The latter explicitly identifies freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association as guaranteed rights. The characterisation of the Freedom Convoy by Trudeau as an ‘emergency’, complemented by unlawful use of Canada’s Emergencies Act 1988, is a despotic indictment. By a measure of his actions, Trudeau has failed the Oakes test – a mechanism used to ensure infringements of the Charter are objective and proportional in a ‘free and democratic society’. From an elementary search of one Freedom Convoy website, it can be deduced the motivation behind the organisation of these individuals is perfectly peaceful and legal.

If freedom were a worldwide religion, the hands of Canadian government would be soundly cut off for committing apostacy.

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