What Partygate Tells Us About The Pandemic

Written by Christopher J. Wilkinson

Partygate proves that those with the facts to hand regarding the supposed deadliness of the pandemic were not worried by mixing outdoors at a time when loved ones couldn’t visit one another. Partygate furthermore casts serious doubt on the moral credibility of those in attendance; they were content with scaring the public witless while they indulged themselves. Whatever the media alarmism about transmissibility, fatalities, variants, lockdowns, face masks, social distancing and the assorted bullshit the populace has been furnished with over the past two years, nothing compares to the blatant double standards now being exposed at the heart of the British government.

The state of British politics in the early stages of 2022 is both consistent and paradoxical. The public outrage at the Prime Minister’s conduct has been as farcical as the whitewashing of the official inquiry itself. The Prime Minister has only one thing to apologise for, and that is the wrongness of the COVID regulations he and his government imposed; the same COVID regulations he didn’t believe he was breaching. Political convenience dictates that he both cannot and will not do so. The collateral is that the police have been witnessed protecting the state instead of the citizenry. This comes despite significant judicial victories for those wrongfully punished under the Coronavirus Act. To those who believe a change of government would result in a more responsible government, a cursory look into history will provide an unwelcome precedent. In his role as Director of Public Prosecutions within the Crown Prosecution Service, Sir Keir Starmer acted as a negligent captain in failing to overrule the reviewing lawyer in the 2009 Jimmy Savile case despite the presence of incompetent case-building, reporting inconsistencies and the mishandling of witnesses. Few are claiming Sir Keir would have done a better job of handling matters. Despite calls for him to resign, Boris Johnson’s position is fortified by the lack of an obvious successor. His talentless and mostly inexperienced cabinet provide little comfort for future achievements, particularly regarding Brexit. Socially, truth is being lost in a quagmire of corporate censorship, asymmetric information and publication bias.

COVID might as well be remembered as the apocalypse that never happened. However, the great non-event leaves an insurmountable trail of devastation in its wake. The global economy is in turmoil. Economic recovery is being built on a binge of unrepayable debt. Businesses have been closed. Jobs have been lost. Incomes have been destroyed. Prices are on the rise. Mental health issues continue to soar. Domestic violence has increased. Schoolchildren have had their education and development derailed. The elderly have been left alone without company. Curtain-twitching individuals are keeping communities isolated and apart. Based on the data, the vaccinated population are showing signs of developing immunodeficiency. Cancer and heart disease patients have gone without life-saving treatment as NHS backlogs stretch further and further. Loved ones have died alone. Has it really been worth it? Our political masters are on the verge of getting away unpunished. They must not be allowed to do so. If justice is to triumph, we must never forgive and we must never forget. The difference between government and opposition today is as much of an illusion as the lethalness of COVID-19, but the trauma we have endured will take far longer to heal than the experience we presently face.

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