Statement for Against Vaccine Passports

Blacklist Press is now listed on the business directory of Against Vaccine Passports, launched by Anna Brees. We have made the following statement:

Our commitment to opposing authoritarian tyranny, including the implementation and enforcement of vaccine passports, is resolute.

The possible implementation of vaccine passports first rumoured in late 2020 was, at the time, considered a conspiracy theory by mainstream media. As with digital implants, vaccine passports and other such privacy-eroding global identification systems used to be the stuff of science fiction. Regrettably and alarmingly, it is steadily becoming a reality. Blacklist Press is deeply sceptical of the government’s intentions in this regard. We are not convinced that the rollback of vaccine passports seen recently will be permanent. As with the series of lockdowns, the state could re-impose vaccine passports at a time of its choosing and to whatever extent it wishes without any effective degree of political or bureaucratic opposition. The opposition to vaccine passports must come from businesses and individuals themselves, and Blacklist Press intends to play its part in combating this slow creep towards a state-corporate dystopia.

Vaccine passports will impose a significant amount of censorship on the natural progress of human creativity, freedom, expression, and socialisation; as a publisher, we value all four greatly. It is our belief that vaccine passports are an affront to free choice, will infringe upon the concept of natural rights, will cause unnecessary harm to the economic potential of Britain and the wider world, will cost the jobs of many valued and productive employees who choose to opt-out, will prevent customers from making unbiased and fully informed decisions as consumers of goods and services, and will have a negligible effect on the development of CoViD cases and the prevention of CoViD-related fatalities.

Health policy must be made based on science fact, not science fiction. Previous attempts to restrict the movement and activities of individuals, caps on attendance at events, social distancing and other measures that could be reinforced by vaccine passports have not effectively slowed or stopped the spread of CoViD. Three lockdowns didn’t work. A crude system of sweeping tiers didn’t work. Face masks didn’t work. Shutting nightclubs didn’t work. Vaccine passports will not work. CoViD is a virus the world must learn to live with. The liberties of the many must not be curtailed for the fears of a few. We believe that medical discrimination is unethical and will inevitably lead to a two-tier society, playing into the hands of humanity’s darker instincts. Vaccine passports would be a step backward for human progress. Blacklist Press chooses instead to value liberty and freedom, and as such rejects wholeheartedly the concept and enactment of vaccine passports.


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