Where Did COVID GO?

Written by Christopher J. Wilkinson

The COVID illusion is over, and the state’s own statistics prove it.

The Office for National Statistics has released provisional full-year statistics for deaths registered weekly in England and Wales during 2021. Far from showing a major increase in deaths, the opposite has occurred – despite the supposedly deadly presence of COVID. For most of 2021, recorded mortality figures have not stemmed from the coronavirus. This new release reaffirms the legitimacy of the scepticism many have shown in the data. It begs an answer to the question of why such sweeping and highly destructive national measures have been deemed most appropriate in tackling the situation. It has been convincingly argued that a devolved approach of Focused Protection would have been a suitable alternative, supported by numerous reputable scientists and clinicians who have become signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, to a cocktail of lockdowns, social distancing and face masks which has shot the global economy to pieces, disrupted supply lines, destroyed jobs, closed businesses, increased living costs, worsened mental health and most appallingly of all has led to suicide.

It is worth noting that the Analysis spreadsheet in both the 2020 and 2021 dataset mentions that the statistics include instances ‘where COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 was mentioned anywhere on the death certificate, including in combination with other health conditions’; this is reaffirmed in the Information spreadsheet. At the outset, there is a strong suggestion of statistical unreliability since the methodological scope of the data series encompasses numerous variables, such as the possibility of comorbidities being responsible for death, that should be delineated to provide clarity. Coronavirus deaths were not officially being recorded in the United Kingdom until mid-February 2020, despite the virus supposedly first appearing in late 2019. A Freedom of Information request revealed the total number of deaths related solely to COVID-19 was just 9,400 for 2020 and 7,971 for the first three quarters of 2021, despite the onslaught of apparently ever-more dangerous variants; a scientifically implausible claim proven incorrect by subsequent data. Another Freedom of Information request demonstrated that there have been no less than 103,857 excess deaths since March 2020; at a rate of roughly five avoidable deaths for every confirmed death resulting from COVID, the apparent ‘cure’ of government intervention has most certainly been worse than the disease itself. Revealingly, 20,183 deaths were attributed to COVID for the under-65s in 2021, an increase on the 8,579 deaths recorded in the year for which no vaccine was available. Nearly twice as many over-65s died from causes linked to COVID during 2021 than during 2020, at 139,372 and 75,870 respectively. The 2020 figures have been revised up from previous estimates made in earlier analyses. Coronavirus has been falsely presented as a disease that seriously affects all age groups since the data suggests, and has always suggested, that it is significantly more likely to affect the elderly population than those of working age. One still cannot disprove the claim that a number of those recorded to have died with COVID would have died without it had COVID not existed. Omitting discrepancies, the total number of deaths from all causes was 614,144 during 2020. In 2021, this figure had fallen to 585,889 – a reduction of nearly 30,000, and only 45,000 above the pre-pandemic 2019 level. Included in this figure are the avoidable excess deaths, meaning the effect of COVID on mortality rates in Britain has been broadly negligible. What, therefore, has been the rationale for a programme of mass vaccination? We are right to question the implications a worldwide digital health pass will have on human liberty, wellbeing and state overreach.

In establishing solid facts, we must examine the veracity of some of the claims made by both states and individuals regarding coronavirus. The World Health Organisation confirmed in 2020 that asymptomatic spread of COVID was near impossible, dispelling the ‘silent spreader’ myth. The official government-sanctioned vaccine guidance states ‘Some people may still get COVID-19 despite having a vaccination, but this should be less severe’, raising doubts as to the efficacy of the vaccine in reducing the transmission of the virus. ‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’ has turned the world into a culturally dystopian, liberty-loathing nightmare. Herd immunity has been known to be attainable from either natural infection or vaccination, yet states around the world did not permit individuals personal choice in this instance. In December, Queen guitarist Brian May attended a dinner party where all attendees had received three vaccines and tested negative; following the event, May tested positive and became ill soon after, taking to social media encouraging people to get vaccinated – you can draw your own conclusions on that one. Supporters of policies such as social distancing and mask wearing have so far dissociated their affirmative actions from their negative consequences; the identity-eliminating wearing of face masks is actively encouraged in government regulations and state-funded propaganda helping to foster a fear-inducing climate of social abnormity, while social distancing has been deemed acceptable to the point where weddings and funerals have been reduced to isolationist, emotionless, meaningless throwaway events. Individual willingness to embrace such acts of self-destruction is a worrying indicator for future social trends. Contrary to O’Brien’s torture of Winston in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the government does not control life at all levels. Equally, the government cannot save every life. People die; they died before COVID, and they’ll die after COVID. It is a virus that individuals and governments must learn to live with. People deserve to know the facts about it instead of being fed a morbid diet of rhetoric and half-truths. Just because the voice of the state is louder than all others doesn’t make it the most trustworthy. Facts aren’t dangerous, but ignorance is.

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