Obedience – A Layman’s Perspective

Written by James Goad

Meandering through the early stages of the Great Reset has not been pleasant. I hope it’s the same for those who have perpetrated the crimes.  For them it’s ‘shit or bust’ after all. Most disappointing is the extent to which people have gone along with each stage of the oppression ratchet. The state narrative was muddled from the start. If it wasn’t obvious the lockdown measures were unnecessary in March 2020, it should have become so during that year as the message kept shifting. From ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’, to no need for masks, to masks and the need for inoculation. The stench of bullshit grew stronger every week. It did not take intellect to come to that conclusion, just a little common sense.

Why the failure to identify lies and comply with transparent nonsense? I have no background in behavioural studies, but the compliance defied logic and must be a result of something. It would stand to reason that psychological conditioning via education is likely to be a significant factor. We are conditioned to obey from the start. Most people believe we live in enlightened, liberal times, but how liberal is an educational system that corrals children together away from their families for hours every weekday in a maladaptive, collectivised, one-size-fits-all environment? It is a system that erases creative traits, stymies individuality, and produces identikit consumers operating within the parameters of allowable opinion.

Looking at the roots of our education system can help to understand its objectives. Libertarians often view the 19th century as a classical liberal golden age. However, it is the period within which certain seeds were sown. The British state education system was adapted in part from the one in Massachusetts, where the state dominated education at all levels. The Massachusetts system was itself adapted from the Prussian common schools introduced in the late 18th and early 19th century following Frederick the Great’s 1763 compulsory education decree. Although generally enlightened, the programme contained the strict ethos of moulding pupils through ‘duty, sobriety and discipline’. Prussia, perhaps by necessity, was a war-like state which had the most disciplined, advanced military machine in Europe. The onus on developing obedient, efficient soldiers and civil servants was intrinsic to the survival and prosperity of the Prussian state. Those who have seen Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon will remember the section of the film within which the protagonist is pressed into service into the Prussian Army.

There are exceptions where the conditioning has failed. Critical thinkers still emerge. Sometimes children are more influenced by critical thinking parents than by their teachers, or via private schools which allow a wider Overton Window than their opposite state numbers. Some find enlightenment later in life. The conditioning varies from person to person, possibly in relation to the duration of their exposure.

The point is, we need more numbers to turn the tide in our ongoing battle with the ‘global state’ (a term I’ve just coined to summarise the pyramid of power sitting over our hapless elected representatives). To win numbers to our side, we need a means to break the conditioning quickly and comprehensively, en masse. We need to make special inroads into the highly brainwashed and suggestible middle-classes; these people who can fulfil often highly complex professional roles, and yet somehow revert to infancy when assessing what is, and what is not, reality. To do so means not only breaking through the learned conditioning but overcoming the considerable propaganda forces of state and corporate media, which is still ingested by most. I’m afraid I don’t pretend to have the answer, but it’s almost as if we need the force of our own MK Ultra-style programme to tip the scales in our favour. Suggestions are welcome.

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