Statement on CoViD Plan B

Blacklist Press does not support the government’s implementation of CoViD Plan B.

It is our belief that Plan B will cause unnecessary harm to the economy, cost the jobs of many valued and productive workers, and will have little to no effect on the development of CoViD cases. We know from previous attempts that any form of restriction on movement. caps on attendance at events and social distancing will not effectively slow or stop the spread of a virus. Three lockdowns didn’t work. A crude system of sweeping tiers didn’t work. Plan B will not work.

This company backs the Focused Protection strategy as outlined in the Great Barrington Declaration – a document countersigned by many thousands of reputable medical scientists and practitioners. Health policy must be made on the basis of science fact, not science fiction. Equally, the liberties of the many must not be curtailed for the fears of a few. We state unambiguously our belief in natural immunity as the most effective means to beat CoViD.

Blacklist Press proudly welcomes anyone who wishes to write for us, whether they be vaccinated or unvaccinated. We will never discriminate on the basis of vaccination status or medical history. We believe that such discrimination is unethical and will inevitably lead to a two-tier society. We encourage businesses who value their employees and customers to speak out against this latest chapter in political tyranny. Blacklist Press chooses to value the truth.


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