Blacklist Press signed to produce new series of The Libertarian Listener

Blacklist Press has agreed to produce a new series of a UK political podcast, The Libertarian Listener. Started by Christopher Wilkinson in March 2020, each edition features the host with a guest reviewing the week’s news stories and current affairs with topical pro-liberty discussion.

The aim of the podcast is to challenge the orthodox state-centric views of mainstream political parties while informing, enlightening and inspiring individuals to pursue a different political course which more readily values individual freedom and liberty.

Each episode on YouTube will be shown for roughly half an hour with exclusive coverage of Wilkinson’s campaign to become an independent councillor in the 2021 local elections. Extended editions of the podcast will also be available for the first time on Anchor.FM, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic and Spotify.

The new series, now with redesigned graphics and original music, will begin airing on YouTube on 31 March. A total of thirteen editions will be shown throughout 2021, with seven during the Spring and a further six during the Autumn. Blacklist Press holds the option to renew its contract for another series in 2022.

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