Welcome to Blacklist Press

We live in dangerous times. Our freedom is being restricted. Our natural liberty is under threat. Mainstream media and corporate government are hell bent on silencing and suppressing alternative voices from the libertarian and classically liberal minded among us. We must be free to speak our minds and have our voices heard.

We forever hear of the latest political commentator to be banned from social media for ‘controversial’ posts and marginalised individuals who are finding their values are increasingly being surrendered by the society in which they live. We are no longer being represented but rejected due to our principles not fitting in with a prescribed political orthodoxy. This must change.

For some, writing is not just a creative pastime but a primary source of income, the loss of which can alienate both authors and readers, precluding important philosophical perspectives from being shared with the wider world and impacting economic freedom. Even long-established writers can suddenly find it hard even to get a short story published in a student-orientated anthology series or local magazine.

Blacklist Press Ltd. is here to make it simple and easy for those writers with pro-liberty beliefs to have their work published professionally, gain experience and build their own platforms while generating an income of their own. No longer must we fear bans and boycotts. It’s time to crush the cancel culture. If this sounds like you, why not write for us? You could be joining someone’s Blacklist soon…

Stick around as we’ve got opportunities coming up very soon, whether you’ve got a manuscript ready for submission or whether you’re wanting to write for our Free Speech journal. We’re here to help you develop your writing talents. Get ready to get your writing journey started!

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